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  5. "That is a square."

"That is a square."

Translation:He huinahā like kēlā.

January 7, 2020



Are the words kēlā and kēnā interchangeable in this statement? Would one be preferable over the other, or is it just a contextual choice?

Mahalo in advance for any help understanding the options.


Both are correct in this question since there is no context, but they are not interchangeable.

kēlā: refers to something far from the speaker and listener
kēnā: refers to something far from the speaker but close to the listener


He huinahā like kēnā. Marked correct but with typo so I flagged it because kēnā is not a typo. Since there is no context, both kēnā and kēlā are equally possible.

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