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  5. "أَنا مِن قَرْية في ٱلْجَبَل."

"أَنا مِن قَرْية في ٱلْجَبَل."

Translation:I am from a village in the mountains.

January 7, 2020



What is the difference between "Mountain" and "Mountains" in arabic ?


I'm guessing you need to report this question, mountains: Jibaal, mountain: Jabal.


The difference, I guess, is that Arabic (like French) uses "the mountain" to mean a mountainous area in general, whereas English uses "the mountains" in that context, so idiomatic translations like this one are confusing at first. A very literal translation would however be wrong.


I think on the setting of arabic culture, when saying "from the mountains (min al-jabal)", usually people mean that they are from the area of Monut Lebanon.


wrong word for mountains; "jabal" is a single mountain, while "jibaal" or جِبَال are multiple mountains


so in arabic the mountain means a mountainous area OR the single mountain? im confused


It is confusing, Jabal is singular, Jibaal is plural, I think they are trying to teach us both Arabic and English in one shot!


In the mountain is not correct at the mountain is correct


Are these the conversations of people at the prophet's time?


not even remotely close, those are a broken attempt to Standard Arabic, so sad that the creators of this course did not make up their mind whether to use standard arabic, or spoken arabic, they ended up with ... this!

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