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  5. ann na Hearadh??


ann na Hearadh??

Tree 2, Days, Level 2, Lesson 5. The sentence gives 'ann na Hearadh' as correct, with no option to choose 'an' rather than 'na'. Is this right or should it be 'ann an Hearadh'? Or even 'ann an t-Hearadh'?

January 7, 2020



Hi, that sentence doesn’t exist in the course. The correct form is anns na Hearadh. Hope this helps.


Thanks. It was part of a sentence, not the whole sentence. And yes, anns rather than ann (I couldn't remember which as I'd moved on and couldn't find it again). I realise now that the reason for this is that Harris is Na Hearadh, not Hearadh.

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