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"Acabei de receber uma carta do Brasil."

April 28, 2013



acabei de=just????????


It can be a bit tricky at first. When you use "to have + just + participle", you say "acabar (past) + de + infinitive. "We have just moved" = " acabamos de nos mudar" / "she has just bought a car" = "ela acabou de comprar um carro".in each language, it has a different structure (elle vient d'acheter une voiture - fr) but it means something that has just happened!


Makes sense, it finished happening, so it just happened. So would you use terminar for things that happened in the past, but didn't JUST happen? Or is there some other way to express that?


Yeah. terminar+de+verb / terminar+noun - it means that something happened in the past. Terminei de ler meu livro duas semanas atrás (i finished reading my book 2 weeks ago)


This was murder on my brain. First i though the work permit in permit in Brazil finished, then I thought maybe the receiving letter terminated... Wow this was tough hahah

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