"Qual è il tuo gatto?"

Translation:Which is your cat?

April 28, 2013

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I translated this as "Which cat is yours" and got it wrong. So, to ask that question, would it be "Quale gatto è tuo?"


Aren't you missing IL, i.e. "Quale gatto è il tuo?"


Use of the definite article is optional after essere (to be).


It would be more accurate to say:

  • It's optional when the possessive adjective is alone following a form of "essere," e.g., "è mio" (it's mine).

(Which it indeed is, in: Quale gatto è tuo?
But not in the original sentence,
even though it follows an essere there too.)


I have the same problem


There hasn't been any discussion on this one in awhile ... I'll add what I learned: Regardless of whether you are referring to a masculine or feminine noun, use quale for singular, use quali for plurals, use qual only when the following word is e (is). This lesson sentence "Qual e il tuo gatto" is asking about a single cat. For more than one cat, you'd say "Quali sono i tuoi gatti? Here's an example with Quale: Quale gatto e la tua?


Quale gatto e il tuo? --> because gatto is masculin, right?


What is the difference between "Which one is your cat" and "Which cat is yours"? Silly...


I agree. If the meanings are equivalent, they should both count as variations of correct responses. If they are not equivalent, the people developing this item should write the Italian translation for "Which cat is yours?" as opposed to "Which is your cat?" so that students online can understand the distinction.


the difference is grammatical not in the meaning (both in English and in Italian)
• which is your cat? = qual è il tuo gatto? (your is an adjective)
• which cat is yours? = quale gatto è il tuo? (yours is a pronoun)


A very smart remark. But still, I think there is a "consistency issue" here. Both meanings are the same and, normally, Dulingo doesn't make a distinction between the two. More importantly, there is the same example in this exercise where both answers are accepted.

  • Qual è il tuo libro?

Which is your book? Which book is yours?


In the same sentence, only with a penguin instead of a cat,
"Qual è il tuo gatto?"
"Qual è il tuo pinguino?"
Duo accepts three different answers:

Duo Question ) Qual è il tuo pinguino?
Accepted Ans' 1) Which is your penguin?
Accepted Ans' 2) Which one is your penguin?
Accepted Ans' 3) Which penguin is yours?

So why doesn't it accept it here?
I've reported this, and so should you.


The English translation "Which one is your cat" was also accepted as an correct answer.


Thanks for the update!

I guess they finally got to update suggested reports.


"Which cat is yours?" - still not accepted.


This is confusing without a proper explanation. If quale goes right before the verb is why isn't the contraction qual'e used? Why not just use qual before every vowel??? This is the problem with this program…no enough clear explanations for the exceptions.


" ̶q̶u̶a̶l̶'̶è̶" is a fairly common mistake even among italian native speakers. But the proper word is qual è (without apostrophe)


what's the difference between "qual" and "quale" ?


Most of the time it is simply that the "e" is missing so that "qual" can go before a vowel (as in the above phrase) while "quale" goes in front of everything else. The meaning, "which" or "what" in the context of asking for specific information, remains the same. The exception is that "quale" can be used for "which one" as in "quale vuoi" (Which one would you like.)


I typed Qual'e il tuo gatto? and it was marked as wrong. I typed the "e" with the accent, but was still marked down. Can someone please explain?


I think that would be correct if the word were Quale, but the proper word here is Qual so the apostrophe isn't needed.


Ugh! I wrote "Which cat is yours." Wrong! Duo says "Which one is your cat." Really???


It is a matter of order. Duo is fussy about those things.

In real life there is no difference, but in nerd school, there is, sorry.


I'm sorry, but "which cat is yours," "which one is your cat" and "which is your cat" are all the SAME question. ALL need to be accepted.


"Which cat is yours?" was not accepted but has exactly the same meaning in English as "Which is your cat?" I don't get it.


is it same with "quale gatto è tuo?". I mean "which cat is yours?"


Qual è = Which is

il tuo gatto? = your cat?

Quale gatto = Which cat

è tuo? = is yours?

If you find it difficult to understand the subtle difference in these two phrases, change "cat" to "girlfriend", and then imagine that question being asked in a roomful of women. :D

Which girlfriend is yours?

Which is your girlfriend?

Hope this helps.


why not: Whih cat is yours?


The one that says meow


this is wrong, right? typed which cat is yours and duolingo marked it as wrong answer ... there's just absolutelly no way to fit the "one" as they suggest ...


"Which cat is yours" is correct. Shouldn't be marked wrong. It said translate not decode.

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What are (Italian) rules for apocopating? (Here, as noticed in a number of earlier examples, it sounds to me as though the "o" in "tuo" is apocopated.)


Whats the meaning of (CHE COSA E).?


I thought there were only 2 forms: quale and quali. So the 'e' on quale would be elided here. Apparently I'm missing something. Is it part of speech.


Qual e il tuo gatto ? Or Che e il tuo gatto = is it mistake ?


I wrote Qual`è il tuo gatto and he wrote Qual è il tuo gatto? but assepted my answer


Qual`è is a common mistake (there's no apostrophe there, as Qual is a regular form, so no need to signify an elision). But as it is only a single letter mistake that doesn't result an another word, it is accepted by the computer as a typo.

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