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"Nach e neach-ciùil a th' annad? 'S e."

Translation:Aren't you a musician? Yes.

January 7, 2020



Does Gaelic distinguish between yes I am and yes I am not?


Ceist math! Literally it asks "Is it not a musician that is in you?" to which the positive response is "'S e", meaning "it is", while the negative would have to be "Chan e", meaning "it is not". There's no direct "yes" nor is there any direct "no" that can be used, sorry.


nach e neach-ciùil a th' annaibh, 's e nothing wrong with my answer - it could be a classical musician


I am getting it right but failing on the spelling (and will do as a dyslexic for a long time, but get there) why do I sometimes get let off with minor spelling and other times not it is a little dispiriting


Sounds like "musician" is literally "calm person" rather than "music person"? Somebody hasn't met the Sex Pistols


"Ceòl" is music, but "neach-ciùil" is "person of music" where "ciùil" is the genitive case of "ceòl". There are two lessons on the genitive case away up in Unit 8.

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