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Ignore Spammers and trolls!

I have learned a lesson. Giving spammers a warning will not help. They will simply just continue violate the guidelines.

Ignore them! The moderators will take care of them!

Best of luck

  • Funky

Check the guidelines if you are new here:


Edit: Downvote them and report the major ones! (Huge thanks to Judit294350)

January 7, 2020



Got a comment from a troll for the first time. (My streak just hit 118 days.) Judging by the juvenile tone and quality of the comment, I suppose it might have been just that, a juvenile that is. They couched the comment in a friend request (which had been cancelled prior to my seeing it.) Nothing vulgar but rather unpleasant in that they were questioning my intellect. I can handle such insults based on my inconsistent performance (depending upon which of the four languages I'm currently learning.) And let's face it, entering text and reading questions on a smartphone can challenge the eyesight and dexterity any 65 year old. My only concern is the such comments might dissuade younger people (or those who haven't developed a thick skin through life's little bruises.)

In short (too late, I know) if you spend your time trolling other users of this forum, you're busily convincing others that you aren't a person of particularly high caliber, regardless of your language skills. I've spent far too much time on this statement of abrogation.

Just putting this out there for others to contemplate.


The only way we can judge people on an anonymous forum is by the things that they seem to believe will be impressive to other human beings.

That says it all about their view of themselves and other people.


Or DV the minor infractions and report the major ones (that way the moderators get a heads up).


Don't be sad if this gets down voted because trolls like to target posts like this.

Cool profile pic by the way.


I am not sure which profile picture we are talking about but the poster's profile picture does symbolizes learning I think.


Yes...so thoughtful and reflective, somehow...


I'm new to the discussion board. What is the benefit of giving lingots?


You show appreciation for the post. Others can cancel your up-vote, but they can't cancel a lingot.

I've tried to promote other forum uses for lingots, but most of my efforts are just like lingots before swine.


K. Love the sermon the mount reference -- apt for discussions about trolls.

So, another question and really my point of posting as to see what flags and numbers would come up next to my name. Why do I have, for instance, 18 for Italian? I have way more crowns and have completed a couple more modules. I've completed quite a bit more Spanish than French, but the numbers don't reflect this.


Thank you. Where can I see my XP total for a single language?


It is indeed used to show appreciation, but lingots themselves aren't really useful.


Lingots are very useful if you use them in a more helpful way that showing appreciation for a post. Use them to make noticeable the useful or correct answer of interesting questions in the sentence forum. As they are often a real mess, it helps to attract attention to other people on the useful parts.


This is why I don't like to make posts, because I don't want to have to deal with trolls. However, I had NO CHOICE but to make an "Original" post for wanting "Tuyuca" put on the "Languages Wanted" list. Lrtward told me I had to do that besides give her the ISO code, which I did.

I told her that I was DREADING putting a post up as I get made fun of so much already for wanting to learn some of the languages I am. I'm going to subject myself to ridicule! Well, I have a couple of people that were nice enough to comment on it "Songve" and "Gh0stwheel". The comments have received up votes and lingots and I've received 5 lingots for the post but 2 down votes already.

I just wanted to have this put on the list. Why do we have to "display" a language we want on there if we're going to be criticized? I don't like to give trolls or narrow minded people the chance to play these games, I'd rather wait and share something "interesting". No one should have to feel sorry they opened up what they like to someone, language related mind you, and have it trampled on.

Why Lrtward would ask me to do this when I told her the risk. I'm BEYOND sorry and a friend said "you shouldn't do it, you know what will happen". I hope ANY one who asks for ANY language doesn't have to feel "afraid" that they will be ridiculed for what they like.

I'm for EVERYONE learning ANY language they so choose. I wish others could show the same respect. No language is better than another. However, I'm finding out some do indeed feel some languages are better than others. I'll be waiting quite a while before posting again.

This way, I don't have to face any trolls or be considered spam. DFTT. Just enjoy your languages in "private". :) Thanks Funky for the post. I'm GLAD you are getting up voted and lingoted, have one from me! :)


They need a single thread to collect likes - this gives DL an indicator how many potential students are out there.


Great post Funky. It's important to not give them any attention at all. :)


Congrats on your 110 days streak.


Unfortunately this well meant message is just what they love. DFTT. (As expected, spammers now out in force!)


Man this post is a spam magnet. Even though it is a really good post. :(


This post should probably be at the top of popular section, but then spammers would be infesting this post. ): . I wish there were no people who came on here just to spam, is this really what the world has come to! )•;


Can you use that Kindle image?


Excellent advice FunkyDeRassberry!


It is why the expression "feeding the trolls" has been invented.


The duolingo forum needs better moderation spammers run amuck.


Or a minimum threshold for posting, such as quarantine time.

I reported yesterday a spammer in the Korean forum. By the end of the day the spam was removed, guess what, the spammer made a new account and is back this morning.


Nice streak by the way.


Congratulations, Belstar128, for your 1000th Duolingo Day!


I am unaware of any trolls on the website, can anyone show me an example such as what they are or what they do?


Ben. Those who care about the forum and regularly monitor it, they get rid of spam, before you probably see it.


Linda, here's what the Korean to English New Posts forum looks like today. It was similar yesterday. I filed an abuse report both times, it got cleaned up yesterday afternoon. Today's "content" is the same, but the user has a brand-new account with 15 XP.

There has to be some kind of barrier to posting on the forums.

It could be time since registration, XP total, my lingot fee, whatever... However, we cannot be expected to clean up the forums. And my favorite mod wakes up too late.


Sasho. We are certainly not expected to clean up the forum, but many do because they care, and it actually works.

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