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Streak: Also let unfinished lessons count


it is somewhat annoying that the streak only continues if I completely finish a lesson. Sometimes I do 10 lessons without being able to complete it because I lose all my hearts. And I really don't want to do a simple lessons like 'Places' just for the sake of keeping the streak up.

Can't you make uncompleted (not canceled!) lessons count? For example, if throughout the day I get 20 correct answers the streak continues (that is more correct answers than in one complete lesson!).



July 5, 2014



You can buy a heart refill or a streak freeze. And it is not cheating to do an earlier lesson that you feel confident with, so it is not necessary to fiddle with the program unnecessarily.


The reason why I don't want to lose my streak is to be able to get the Progress Quiz and Timed Practice - both of which require Lingots. So buying the Steak Freeze is no option here. Currently I would lose ten lingots just to receive three.


So try an earlier question which you are more confident with. The reason you have to finish a lesson is because the scoring system gives 10 points for completing the lesson plus one point for each life remaining. If you removed that simple algorithm, you would have to calculate a number of points to award depending on how much of the lesson that had been completed and that would complicate the algorithm considerably.


Here are some lingots to buy timed practice. In Timed Practice you only need to answer one question correctly to keep the streak.

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