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  5. "It is a supermarket."

"It is a supermarket."

Translation:'S e mòr-bhùth a th' ann.

January 7, 2020



Why does the adjective come before the noun in this case? I thought it came after with very few exceptions (eg sean) and it was the other way around in another sentence using "Tha". Is it caused by the 'S form of the verb? I did notice the lenition in bhùth which surprised me.


bùth mhòr = a big shop, mòr-bhùth = a supermarket


Yes. There are quite a lot of compounds that use mòr like this, both in Am Faclair Beag and in Dwelly.


But when i used the compound form with the hyphen, it told me i had a typo. Which way is more correct?


why does it not accept the 'mòr-bhùth' in one bubble, but only the two words separately


There is a bug in the Duolingo system that has been causing a lot of problems recently. It simply does not like bubbles with hyphens, so you have to try to always remember to use the two words separately in bubble questions.

As I say elsewhere on this page, holding your breath for them to fix it would almost certainly be fatal.


thanks - that explains so much... I won't take it personally now


This is the first time I've had this problem, and I always pick the hyphenated bubble when it's available... that said, I usually use the mobile version, so is this a desktop-specific bug? In your opinion would you say we should stop using the hyphenated bubbles entirely from now on, or is it really hit-or-miss when the bug will pop up?


No one actually knows. Many people who report the problem do not say what platform they are using. For me it seems to be consistent on the website version (which you call the desktop version, but it can be used anywhere). It would be interesting to get reports of how often it happens on the app (as opposed to individual instances) from app users.


Noted. I will keep track. Tapadh leibh, a Dhaibhidh!


How is it possible to have a typo when you use words from the bank??


Because Duolingo gets confused with apostrophes and hyphens. Since they (Duolingo, not the mods) seem to have zero motivation to fix it, all you can do is be thankful that it is a typo not an error.


Used the bottons to answer this, and it said it was wrong. It was correct, save the missing apostrophe after the th (Not available with buttons obviously). I used the singlular button mòr-bhùth the first time (when it said it was wrong). On my retry attempt at the end, I used the two separate buttons (mòr and bhùth) and it accepted it.

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