"Hontesse lentot ilzi!"

Translation:There are birds in the house!

January 7, 2020

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How would you say "There are birds on the house"?


The High Valyrian sentence will be the same for both "in the house" and "on the house". How it is interpreted or translated into English depends on context.

Often there will be a decontextualized default interpretation. For example, if the subject of the sentence were "vali" instead of "hontesse", then the default interpretation would be "in" because it is more common to talk about humans being in a house rather than on a house. For a bird, on the other hand, the default interpretation can be either “on” or “in”. When there is no context (as is the case with Duolingo exercises) both translations should be accepted.


Can you also use lentot to mean "(at) home", or is there a different way to say that?

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