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Trying to learn Scottish Gaelic, wish me luck :)

Hey guys I’m trying to learn Scottish Gaelic and am having trouble with pronunciation, the people speaking are to fast.

January 7, 2020



Hey! It's difficult to please everyone with this. Some people have said they are too slow! :)

I would recommend repeating as often as possible. I haven't found the general audio to be notably faster than other courses, but I'm not a Duo veteran. Repetition and consistent exposure will help. Inevitably Gaelic will sound complex at first, but the language is pretty regular and you will quickly start to spot patterns. Good luck!


The audio is at normal conversational speed for sentences, which I think is best since it's how you're going to be hearing it and speaking it anyway. Some of the robot voices seem faster to me.

[deactivated user]

    I really liked that some of the audio was quicker or more garbled - like a bad phone connection like someone said :) Impossible to please everyone, indeed! :)


    It gets better over time. It helped me to play each word/sentence several times, then say it several times. At first my tongue was tripping, but it feels smoother now. If a particular sentence is just too much, move on. It will come in time. Better not to get to the frustration point. Also, a dictionary with audio can help with words that are particularly difficult. https://learngaelic.scot/dictionary/index.jsp?abairt=sgadan&slang=both&wholeword=false


    If you are just starting Scottish Gaelic, there is a YouTube account called "Gaelic with Jason" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVX7RajLZmm8i7LEuli05tw/playlists He speaks very slowly, clearly, and distinctly with all the words (at least for the videos I've watched). There is a playlist of 8 videos called "Getting Started" that covers many basic words.


    It'll get better! The key for me is repetition -- I make heavy use of the practice function. Some folks had no Gaelic and have already made it through the course but in the same time period I'm still level three in most parts of the first checkpoint and level one for everything in the second checkpoint.

    Twice a day I'll use "practice" for the ones where I've reached level 5 and then I'll do a couple of lessons on something new, in addition to using the regular "practice" function at least two or three times. I'm sure I'm driving everyone crazy with the dings from the app 8^) That repetition has been fantastic as once I adjusted to hearing it in DL, I could start to pick words/phrases out in other things. For example, there's a song called "'S toigh leam Fhin Buntata 'S Im" and I can pick out "'s toigh leam", "buntata" and "im" -- small steps but it's a start =)

    My point - take heart, it'll get better and make heavy use of the practice buttons!!


    Just as a wee update for you, we have a list of audio that is broken / less than ideal but there is a small bug preventing a fix for it. As soon as that goes we can remove. :)


    You'll get used to them as you progress through the course. When you have the option to hear a sentence, play it several times to remember the sounds of the words.


    Agreed. I had trouble in the beginning understanding the recordings because of speed and not hearing words because fluent speakers may run their words together. However, I've been using Duo SG for several weeks and I think the course developers are working on that issue by providing some new recordings to replace those that are too unclear (at least I've started to hear some revised recordings). Listening several times may help, or just keep going (without understanding initially) and as you hear other recordings with the words in a different order it will get easier to understand what people are saying. Some screens also have a button for "can't listen now" (bottom left on my screen) and if I really can't figure out what is being said, I just hit that button and Duo will give you different exercises for that practice. Then, by the time that particular recording comes around again, you will have had more practice and may understand what is being said given your new knowledge.


    Takes a while to get your ear in but it comes. I'm hard of hearing and have no prior knowledge of Gaidhlig but I can detect progress in my own learning over a fairly short time. Just keep on listening. Good luck caraid!


    I'm having the same issues with this . What happened to the 'tortoise' function ? Otherwise i'm really enjoying this course.


    I wish you luck! I'm only 30 crowns in, and I promise it gets easier as you tune your ear.


    As everybody has said, it does get easier. I say sentences freely now that when I first read them I couldn't say. Keep going.


    It will get easier and you will get used to it. What I did before I started this course, watching on youtube the lessons of 'speaking my language' a series of scottish gaelic broadcasts. So I didn't find it too fast. Tìoraidh an-drasta

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