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  5. "Tha sagart ùr againn."

"Tha sagart ùr againn."

Translation:We have a new priest.

January 7, 2020



Books like Blas na Gàidhlig really dissect the sound system in a lot of detail. I know this helps some people. The sound system is so regular (even if it seems a little scary at first) that generally patterns will start to become clear with repeat exposure. I hope helps even a little. We could look at adding more character challenges to the course in future to help. Stuff like this is probably beyond the scope of the notes as there is limited room I think.


I suspect that would be a long line of consonant and noun clusters, which you certainly don't have room for. You're doing a wonderful job teaching a quite baffling system of spelling.


Is there any way to predict what ghost consonant will be pronounced before a T, e.g. sagar(s)t, do(ch)tair, etc?


Hmm. "We" are down in the south, are we? Barra maybe? Don't see that being said in Stornoway all that often...


My friend's brother was the priest in Stornoway!

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