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Kurdish, Farsi

Arabic speakers, do any of you have any knowledge of Farsi, Assyrian or any of the Kurdish dialects? I would love to see both Farsi and Kurdish for English speakers. I would suggest the dialect of the Iraqi Kurdistan region, since this is the one most likely to attract foreign learners. Not saying the others aren’t worth it - just that the world will have more access to information and entertainment from a Kurdish area with the backing of their own state [more likely to be exposed to media from Iraqi Kurdistan, at least for most Westerners]. What are your thoughts? Anybody here have resources they would recommend for those learning Farsi and Kurdish? I’ve found Mondly has a good Farsi course but need more than that. Thanks!

January 7, 2020



I think this would be great.I only know standard arabic and am trying to find a way to learn farsi


Do you find that they are pretty different?


Yes, unfortunately some languages are not available at Duolingo. I also miss Somali. We have a lot of Somali women who find it difficult to learn German. There are hardly any programs for learning on the Internet, too bad ... That's how I always use Google Translate. I'll try it at Mondly. Thanks for the tip


You can always ask them to contribute to a Somali course for English / German speakers


Chador, there your first Farsi word it means shawl

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