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Kurdish, Farsi

Arabic speakers, do any of you have any knowledge of Farsi, Assyrian or any of the Kurdish dialects? I would love to see both Farsi and Kurdish for English speakers. I would suggest the dialect of the Iraqi Kurdistan region, since this is the one most likely to attract foreign learners. Not saying the others aren’t worth it - just that the world will have more access to information and entertainment from a Kurdish area with the backing of their own state [more likely to be exposed to media from Iraqi Kurdistan, at least for most Westerners]. What are your thoughts? Anybody here have resources they would recommend for those learning Farsi and Kurdish? I’ve found Mondly has a good Farsi course but need more than that. Thanks!

January 7, 2020



I think this would be great.I only know standard arabic and am trying to find a way to learn farsi


Do you find that they are pretty different?


Arabic is a semitic language and Farsi is an indo european language that uses some arabic loan words so yeah they are very different. Farsi and the Kurdish languages are in the same language family and have much more in common than Farsi and Arabic do.

This thread has a link to all the official language course requests for English speakers which includes requests for Farsi, Syriac and Kurmanji courses. You might look there for resource suggestions, the Farsi discussion in particular is huge: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/15014194


Yes, unfortunately some languages are not available at Duolingo. I also miss Somali. We have a lot of Somali women who find it difficult to learn German. There are hardly any programs for learning on the Internet, too bad ... That's how I always use Google Translate. I'll try it at Mondly. Thanks for the tip


You can always ask them to contribute to a Somali course for English / German speakers


Chador, there your first Farsi word it means shawl


I already know some Farsi words including chador lol. Remember the Persian diaspora

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