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  5. "There is lightning."

"There is lightning."

Translation:Tha dealanaich ann.

January 7, 2020



Am Faclair Beag says "dealanach" – what's the difference?


Dealanaich is more common. Either should be accepted so I'll add it.


Dealanaich looks like the plural or genitive of dealanach (which it is), so I guess that originally dealanach was 'a bolt of lighting' and dealanaich 'a number of bolts' or used in some expression that translates as 'a bolt of lightning'. Mark give dealanach but says used in the form an dealanaich in Lewis. This suggests that they started using the plural as singular in Lewis. Which seems more common will depend on where you come from. Dealanach is more common on the BBC (in a search) including being introduced to children in an episode of Peppa Pig. Most hits for dealanaich turned out to genitives.


Taing mhòr, also for adding other terms elsewhere! :)


When I put this, it says I have a typo and that it should be dealanach. Which is it please?


Either or, but if it's an audio exercise then only dealanaich will be accepted :)


No, it said I had a typo for dealanaich and said it should be dealanach. I had in my notes that it was dealanaich, so I was surprised at the typo comment.

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