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pronounciation of यह and वह

In the notes for Basics 1 it says "यह and वह are pronounced as ye and voh" , but in the practice I definitely hear them as yaha and vaha. Is that me hearing it wrong or are these practices going to end up teaching me slightly inaccurate pronounciation habits?

January 7, 2020



You can go through this discussion.

The TLDR version is that यह and वह are almost always pronounced as 'yeh' and 'voh' in conversations and not like the computer pronounces them.


the duolingo audio versions are wrong?

can this be fixed, please.


They arent incorrect per se, just not colloquial


I think yaha and vaha are phonetic, but ye and voh are how the words are most commonly said. Like in English "women" is said as "wim-men" even though "wo" normally indicates something else.


I am a native Hindi speaker from India. You are right with the pronounciation as "यह and वह should be pronounced as yaha and vaha" where as ye and vo are just a lingo or colloquialism. Just like using "mereko instead of mujhe".


No, although I have just recently started learning Hindi the voices are correct. At the end of words, if a consonant has this inherent a sound, it is dropped. This is known as schwa syncope. E.g., पग (pag, not pa-ga), किताब (ki-tāb, not ki-tā-ba), कब (kab).


I agree the speaker is stressing the HA sound at the end of yaha and waha more than you’d ever hear in normal speech. It’s not inaccurate per se, but it’s far more useful for you to learn to say ye and voh.

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