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I finally finished the entire Spanish tree!

After nearly 2 years, I have finally completed all five levels of my Spanish tree.

I first joined Duolingo back in 2018 without thinking too much about it and thought it might be fun to pick up a second language. I honestly thought I would give up after a week or two, however, I found myself to be hooked on learning Spanish as an additional language and have been using Duolingo ever since.

This is technically the second time I have completed the Spanish tree. The first time was before more skills were added to align with CEFR guidelines, which I think was around a year ago. While on the topic of CEFR, I have never taken any official tests. However, as Duolingo has stated that the Spanish and French courses contain content up to level A2, I think it’s a safe estimate to say that I am somewhere around that zone too.

In order to further test my skills, I thought it would be fun to start watching tv shows and movies in Spanish. Personally, I have more trouble with my listening skills than writing or reading, which was made apparent when I realised I could only understand the plot and dialogue of movies and tv shows when the subtitles were turned on. In order to mend this gap and to build onto my existing skills, I started making use of Duolingo podcasts whenever I had the chance to. To anyone who still hasn’t made use of this feature, I strongly recommend it. Not only was it genuinely helpful in building onto my listening skills, but also contained stories that were both entertaining and enlightening.

Going forward, my goal is to reach a solid level of fluency, around B1 or B2 in CEFR standards. My next steps will be to continue immersing myself in Spanish speaking movies and tv shows and perhaps even start reading some books written in Spanish. I'm also thinking of starting another language entirely (right now I'm leaning towards French) once I feel confident enough in my Spanish skills.

I would also like to take this time to personally thank the Duolingo team and everyone who was contributed to the Spanish course, podcast, and stories, as well as the forum members who have been so helpful along the way. I will forever be grateful for you all.

And to everyone who’s still learning or have just begun, I wish you all the best on this journey. Believe in yourself and you will get there!

Best, ashtonkok

January 8, 2020



Ashtonkok, thanks for such a positive post! I greatly enjoyed reading it and wish you immense success in reaching B1/B2 or even further. Enjoy the ongoing adventure!


Kudos for your accomplishment and inspirational note.


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Congratulations on completing your tree and on your 600 day streak!




How is your streak so high!?! I usually miss a day (at least) every week!


Some people have more dedication and time than others


I am definitely not one of those people.


Wow. That was the most inspiring thing I've ever read. The reason I've read this post is because I'm also doing Duolingo in Spanish. It is the most fun thing I've ever had. I loved your speech. Oh, very good job on your achievement!!! You had 600 streaks, so good job!!! And you never gave up. Also, I liked how you explain what you'll be doing in the future, while people don't. I'm going to try to get to level 25 before high school. I love learning languages. If I finished Duolingo, I would also be going forward to expand my Spanish. I've learned a lot on Duolingo, and I'm so thankful for that. I'm almost in the "give up zone." But I can't. I have to keep going, so that's what I'll do. Again, great speech, amazing job on your achievement, and 6 lingots for you!!!!


Keep persisting dude! I wish I would have started when I was younger like you. You will thank yourself later in life


Thank you for your kind word, sir. I know. It's hard to practice when you're an adult.


it's not so much that, its more the thought that "man if I would have started in middle school I would be an expert by now" You would be able to visit other countries when your in college and have a great time because you could speak with the locals!

Good luck, and remember consistency is the key!



Interesting that you use the term "speak". So few do write about "speaking their target language".

If that's what you're doing, keep doing so.

If not, then figure a way to do so. Be original. Find ways few have used but once you think of them, they seem so simple. Suerte!



Te felicito por este logro y por no haber dejado nunca de estudiar en el Duolingo. Estoy muy contento de leer historias como la tuya, ya que inspira dedicación y motivación a los demás estudiantes de la plataforma.

Keep it up! Happy learning!


How do people learn so many languages at the same time? I thought you were just doing a lesson in each language for the flag on your posts, but then I realised that you have level 25 in 13 of those language. How are you doing all that?


2418 streak?!... that's unbelievable!


Wow you most have OCD with all these languages you have learned. Kan du tale dansk?


This was a great post. :) Congratulations to you, and thank you for the great advice!


Wow, all 797 crowns! That's quite the accomplishment. Congratulations on completing the entire course. I'm wishing you much success on reaching your language learning goals.


984 streak O.o that's impressive!


Hmmm... If all the skills go up to level five, why is the crown level not divisible by five?


If all the skills go up to level five, why is the crown level not divisible by five?

Flirting and Idioms bonus lessons only have 1 level. Not all courses have these bonus lessons. You can see all of ashtonok's crowns on his/her Duome page: https://www.duome.eu/ashtonkok/progress


That's great I'm here cuz I'm starting French in Duolingo now, and I wanted to see the reaction after finishing a whole course, congratulations for your achievement and best of luck in the next steps! :)


Yeah I can't decide which language to learn after this I know I can't stop now lol reminds me of the song (what's up danger) although ; it's only been three days hahaha!




You are goals :)


I would say to do French from Spanish (and Spanish from French, too, later) for disambiguation purposes, especially noticing when nouns differ in gender and which prepositions to use with verbs (or none at all).

Also, if you end up doing French from English as well as from Spanish, you're sure to get more vocab; it's good cross-training. Of course, if you need to interpret between the two languages sometime, it'll seem easy as a result. That is very likely to happen to you in Europe sometime.

As far as watching stuff in Spanish, I find Mexican programs extremely easy to understand. That would be a good starting point for you. It also helps since they have a huge population, so why not get good at that type of Spanish? Then, move on to others and you'll feel confident and be very fluent.

Que tengas suerte! Felicitaciones!


congrats, I'm going through the tree to bring it all to level 3 then I'll go back and do level 4. It is a good program for learning to read and write. BUT, I discovered on a trip to Costa Rica where I took a week of a immersion class, that my pronunciation and therefore my listening skills were lacking. Duo is a bit lax on pushing perfection on the accents as well. So I went on Youtube and found a few different learn the alphabet videos and some very basic stuff on listening and pronunciation skills and within a week I was doing better with that. It's recommended on many sites to spend a lot of time on this aspect of learning a language and it is true. Google Chrome has an extension you can add that is for language learning. It lets you open a movie or series in Spanish and you can turn on or off the subtitles in either English or Spanish, pause the playback, reverse it, or repeat a section etc. very easily. And it is free. My goal now is to really work on my writing and speaking skills because despite having done Duo for about a year and a half I'm very weak on recall in a pinch. If I have a few seconds (reading) I can read simple texts or the news. But in conversation where it comes at you like bullets, forget it! I'm getting better but much more work is necessary. It's important to be patient with yourself as well. We need to learn a little new material each day and then drill on that same material for additional time. Once through it is certainly not enough. I'm a musician and I have to learn songs and tunes for performances. It's the same thing. With music for performance one has to nail it or be very embarrassed. I've just started going to a monthly meetup where I live and it's a struggle. Fortunately they are all very kind. We are trying to learn quickly something that has taken us our entire childhood to the age of 16 or so to learn so take it easy. We can learn faster than we did as children but it's still a lot of material to cover. Mis mejores deseos y buena suerte!


"Google Chrome has an extension you can add that is for language learning. It lets you open a movie or series in Spanish and you can turn on or off the subtitles in either English or Spanish, pause the playback, reverse it, or repeat a section etc. very easily. And it is free."

What is the name of that Google Chrome extension?


What is it called?


I don't know. I was asking Hugh231007 the same question. I was quoting from his post.


Good for you and Congratulations !


I'm currently about half way through the French course, building on what I learned at school almost 40 years ago. I have a novel - Avenue des Geants by Marc Dugain - sitting on my desk. It's my intention to read it once I finish the course. I keep picking it up and I'm already tantalisingly close to being able to follow it without resorting to a dictionary every other word, so I'm looking forward to it. I agree that the podcasts are very useful. The part I find hardest is pronouciation, and even though I can speak closely enough to fool Duo most of the time, even I can tell that it's horrible :D


Felicidades amigo. Estoy en el mismo camino. En este momento estoy en el cuarto castillo del árbol de español con todo dorado. Yo acuerdo contigo, Escuchar es muy difícil. los cuentos de duolingo son genial para practicar y tambien la aplicación "Lingq" tiene muchos adiolibros pero no son gratises. los podcasts de duolingo aún son duro para mi. Quiero completar mi árbol y entonces empezar los podcasts y peliculas españolas.

Sí tienes alguno amigos que hablan espanol, usa ese recurso. Tengo un amigo que hablarlo y conversaciones con él fueron muy útiles. Disafortunadamente él se movó a un nuevo pueblo.

Buena suerte con tu viaje espanol amigo


congrats! Curious what the best route to complete the tree is.. Did you complete all 5 levels of each section before you move on or go through the entire tree 5 times?


Have you looked into any Duolingo meet ups in your area? Speaking skills are very difficult to develop through this platform, but there might be meetings where you are of other people learning.


yes I have and no luck at all. Lafayette is a very small town in a French speaking area of Louisiana. There are some Hispanics here but not so easy to just find.


Good Job!!!! A Lingot for your accomplishment!!!


I don't know what my goal is in terms of learning Spanish but I'll keep improving as long as I keep enjoying it like I have been these past few days. Congrats on the amazing accomplishment and good luck in the future.




¡Felicitationes, astonkok! Ahora mismo estoy siguiendo el curso de espańol también. Espero acabarlo este año. Entonces voy a comenzar un segundo idioma, quizas alemán.


Felicidades, el español es un idioma muy bonito y diverso dentro del mundo hispanohablante! Te recomiendo ir viajando por los paises hispanos para practicar la lengua y conocer más la cultura rica que hay.

Espero lograr terminar el curso francés de Duolingo también algún día. Gracias por la inspiración y espero que sigues triunfando!


out of pure curiosity, how good has your Spanish become? because I have started about three weeks ago. I have a Spanish girlfriend who speaks English but no one in her family does. After completing this course would I be able to speak to them if I made use of the podcasts and stories to help my listening skills. Congratulations on such a great achievement!



Speak to them now. Today. Use whatever you know or have seen up to this point and ask them to help you.

No ten miedo de hacer faltas!

Ask her family to help you.

Learn this phrase: Como se dice "........." en espanol?

Forgive my leaving out the stress marks. You understand what I mean without them, I think.


wow. just wow. amazing. just wow. I am agreeing with The_Flash_Fan with every word. you deserve a lingot. just wow. :)❤


Thanks for sharing this very positive and encouraging post. I hope my french gets up to B1 someday


congrats! i'm starting my adventure with spanish now. i hope that i'll reach A2 or B1 lever in future. best regards and good luck :)


¡Felicitaciones Ashtonkok! Esto es muy alentador. Estoy aprendiendo español en una academia de español en Cardiff, Gales. También uso Duolingo para ayudar a mantener mi mente enfocada. ¡Es fantástico!

Buena suerte con el aprendizaje futuro.


I like your icon and congrats!! Best of luck on what your future holds for you!!


Here's my motivation to keep learning Spanish. Gracias


Congrats on finishing your tree hope you can accomplish what you wish continuing your learning of spanish




Felicitaciones wachin!


Nice going mate, good luck with your next language


Congratulation Man thats a huge accomplishment Have two lingots (to bring you to an even number)


Congrats! Amazing job!


I wonder if some books might actually be easier than TV as you ramp up, since you can control the pace, re-read a sentence five times if you have to, and look things up without having to constantly fiddle with pause/rewind.


WELL DONE!!! Thats brilliant! I managed to slip off the 'spanish' wagon over the New Year, but am back on it now and hope to achieve what you have some day! #superimpressive


:O no way!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!


Congratulations! Can't wait until the day my first tree is completed :)


That's reeeidiculous.


That's so awesome!!! And super encouraging for me that you can reach the end. Good job!


Well done Ashtonkok! It's inspired me to keep at it.


Well done and enjoy the upcoming adventures in Spanish! Bien hecho!


Congrats, keep learning!


Well done. You are an inspiration.


Congrats! Thanks for the inspirational message at the end. I'll try to check out the podcasts more. :)


Congratulations for your great journey. I have just started this course last weekend and I really hope that I follow the same path as yours.


Thank you for posting this! Very positive!


Congratulations on the 601 day streak!


Thanks for the encouragement! I'm hoping it'll take me about two years to complete French, but I've only just recently started. I agree, the podcasts are great!


¡¡¡Impresionante!!! ERES TAN AFORTUNADO!!! (triste hecho que tuve que utilizar Google Translate para esto ...)


I'm glad I read this post. Same tips on fluency are in "Fluent in 3 months" and some YouTube videos I've seen.


Te felicito por tan importante logro. Me parece una excelente idea eso de ponerte a ver películas y a leer libros en español. Creo que es la forma más divertida y efectiva para que consolides los conocimientos que ya tienes en español. Te deseo lo mejor con el aprendizaje del español y de los idiomas que están por venir.


I listen to CNN in Spanish.


Wow! Two years, that is some major dedication! Congrats!


Great stuff! Keep it up :)


Congratulations! I have never completed any tree on Duolingo. A few years ago, I tried to improve a language on Duolingo but my level was a bit too high for this website so I didn't use it. Now I've started learning German and I see that It is very useful and fun to learn a language with Duo if you're beginner. Thanks Duo!




Very impressive your inspiration note, i really liked everything.


Congratulations! Hope you reach your B2 level soon


This is both motivational and inspirational, congrats.


Heeeeey! ROCK ON WITH YOUR BAD-SELF!! ¡Yo necesito practicar mí español más! Si tú puedes, yo puedo!


I also I noticed that I had a hard time listening to people speak Spanish. They speak too fast for me. So, I am going to take your advice. Muchas gracias


there are lots of practice pieces on Youtube. try searching for things for spanish speaking children. use the term. cuentos en español para niños just listen the the stories over and over and then try to speak the words - don't worry about the translation right away


Do you feel like you have an ability to communicate?


Thanks for the podcast tip! Hope I reach your level someday too! Congrats, adios!


awwww congratulation!!!! very inspiring as well!! Evi


buen trabajo en completar el árbol español


Congrats on completing the tree. That is pretty awesome. I hope to get there in a few months. Thanks for mentioning the podcasts. I haven't tried them yet, but plan to now. I plan to pick up a few children's books in Spanish as well to start with some easier reading and then progress to tougher books.


Congratulations! You are an inspiration!


That's wonderful! I am doing Spanish at the moment, and I can't wait to finish the tree. I watch Spanish Tv shows to help with my listening skills although as I am still quite new to the language, I have a lot of trouble understanding what they are saying without subtitles. Lots of fun though. Congratulations!


How do I figure out what level I'm at? I can see my XP just not the level?


Settings > Learning languages > Remove or reset a language


Good job and keep it up!


Thank you for that inspiring story! About how much time did you usually spend on Duolingo daily.....or maybe it makes more sense to ask what your daily goal is in terms of points? Congratulations


Congratulations! Your perseverance and dedication is paying off! Would you let me know at what level does Duolingo start teaching past and future tense? Currently I am on level one (Routines and Preferences). Thanks again for sharing your inspiring story :)


Wow, congratulations! And thank you for sharing, it's really inspirational!


Felicidades en terminar su estudio en español. Yo estoy aprendiendo portugués. Lla soy fluente en inglés y español asi este seria mi tercer idioma. Mis metas del año nuevo.


Great job.!do you have any tips for learning?


Congrats on your Spanish!




I am planning to finish the french tree, learn more and take the exam to pass French B2. Congrats to you!


Congrats on the Spanish! An interesting idea here, told to me by both of my parents (who were/are multilingual), is that if you know both French and Spanish, you can read Latin. (Hence my three choices of language.) Have fun, and learn a lot!

[deactivated user]

    Congratulations on finishing the course. And sorry about a bit of clash with reality: It is not safe to assume that you're at A2, if you've been only doing Duolingo. Yes, your vocabulary is probably there. The grammar perhaps (but I doubt that, given the structure of the course and nature of the exercises. Your applied skills, listening, speaking, and writing, are extremely probably not there. I'd recommend getting a serious coursebook for beginners (even a monolingual one, you are ready for that. that's one of the main advantages of duo), and working with it. It will go faster, than were you a complete beginner. And then continue with coursebooks for intermediate learners up to B2, if that is your goal. Tons of immersion are awesome, but mostly from B1 up. It is not too efficient until then. Unless you already speak a romance language.


    Thanks for this. I was wondering how comprehensive learning on Duolingo is. Will also look to get a course book.


    Couldn't agree more. No idea why this has been voted down. -__-


    I am puzzled by your post. I currently have 611 days on my streak, concentrating on Spanish. There are five levels to EACH LEAF of the tree, not just five levels of "my Spanish." To this day I do not think it is possible to achieve what you indicate you achieved (five levels of every leaf in 600 days) unless you spend several hours a day. But I applaud your efforts if you managed to do this. I am not familiar with level designations (B1 is a bomber) nor CEFR guidelines. Is this something that you think I would benefit from knowing? I appreciate your help. (In 611 days I have gotten through all the levels up to three times. About half of them, five times. There is little or no incentive to go back and review these "leaves" of the tree after five levels because Duolingo doesn't give you any.) As I said, thanks for your help.




    Don’t wanna be a downer but I gotta say about French, I really think it wouldn’t be a great language to learn in your own. I’ve studied it almost all my life and it’s my first love when it comes to languages, all these others are just my side hoes in comparison. But the hardest part of teaching yourself any language is learning the accent and that’s easily one of the hardest parts of french. I just think you could save yourself a lot of heart ache not being understood by natives if you learned Italian for example.

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