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  5. "That music is good!"

"That music is good!"

Translation:Tha an ceòl sin math!

January 8, 2020



Yes, I'm struggling with this one too, as other examples using sin (that) tended to precede the noun, not follow it (I think...). And if anyone can explain why we need the "an" here, I'd be grateful, unless it's simply that 'music' is always referred to as 'the music' in Gaelic and that bit of grammar is just lost in translation when converted to English?


IMHO an sin ---that an ceol sin ---- that music


apologies brain freeze an sin there an ceol sin----that music


Tha sin ceol math should be accepted I think


That doesn't make sense in Gaelic, I'm afraid, and so it won't be accepted.


Please, can you break the sentence down... why is there an 'an' before ceòl? Thanks :)


It's because 'an ceòl sin' means 'that music'.

  • ceòl > music
  • an ceòl > the music
  • sin > that
  • an ceòl sin > that music

You can't write 'ceòl sin' on its own because it doesn't make sense without the 'an'. :)

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