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"Tha am bus eile ann an Glaschu."

Translation:The other bus is in Glasgow.

January 8, 2020



I get confused between this construction and "there is another bus in Glasgow". Anybody have tips in how to tell the difference quickly? Is it just the definite article that distinguishes them?


I think you're right. Couldn't say "the another bus". I guess "another bus" would be "Tha bus eile". (but I'm just a learner like you so you might want to wait for real answers.) : )


I misheard "eile" and wrote "Ìle" but this was accepted without correction.


Strange how on this question it keeps saying im typing in English when im typing the correct answer in Gaelic?!


I was having the same issue although i wasnt spelling 'eile' correct


You ought to be writing in English, unless you're doing a listening exercise.

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