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  5. "Seo Oighrig is Eairdsidh."

"Seo Oighrig is Eairdsidh."

Translation:This is Effie and Archie.

January 8, 2020



"Is" means "and"? How is that different from "agus"?


If I understand correctly, they are alternative forms (and thus not distinct words).


Is "is" a shortened form of "agus"?


When would be appropriate to substitute 'is' for 'agus'?

Whenever you feel like it, or any particular situation?


Always, essentially. I've been using it since the first lessons, since not all of this is new to me. For all intents and purposes 'agus' == 'is', just don't confuse it with "is/'s" - the copula.


And how is it related to "is toil leam"?


It's not, form my understanding. In this case "is" is acting a a shortened form of "agus," like how "fridge" is a shortened form of "refrigerator" or "gym" is short for "gymnasium."


It is not related at all. "Is toil le" / "'S toil le" uses the copula "is/'s" and this is nothing to do with 'agus/is'.


"is" is the verb to be; but it is also a short form of "agus" meaning "and".


I've noticed that so far, here in Duolingo, they've only used 'is' instead of agus when they use 'seo'. Which brings me to my real question: Why is it 'This is Effie and Archie.' rather than 'These are Effie and Archie.' ?


It would have been helpful to have gotten a "tip" on how "is" sometimes means "agus" when it's not being used as part of the verb "to be" (copula).


This guessing on which agus or is business...


They are interchangeable, so both will always be accepted :)

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The dropdown for 'is' here has is / and / are. It's already confusing enough to have an English word in the middle of a Gaelic sentence, but here, you have the first thing on the dropdown being wrong, given the answer required. Could you please FIX THIS?


Well, it’s not wrong. ”Is” does indeed mean ”am, is, are”, such as in the following sentence: ”Is mise Seumas” (”I am James”). The dropdowns are not dependent on context, I presume.

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