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"torgh ghaH HoDma''e' chay' 'e' luSov verenganpu'?"

Translation:How did the Ferengi know that Torg is our captain?

January 8, 2020



I am confused as to why the word [chay'] is to the left of the ['e'] with "our Captain is Torg" and not to the right of the 'e' with "The Ferengi knew."
In all of the examples I can remember, when [chay'] is used, it occurs at the beginning of the sentence, so if it's going to occur before the ['e'] why isn't it occurring as the first word.

If asked to translate this, based on all that I've learned so far, I would have come up with the following:
torgh ghah HoDma''e' 'e' chay' luSov verenganpu'

Would someone let me know what's up with this?


Know we are dealing with two sentences. The Object of the second one is the {'e'}, and the question words (and adverbials) come before the Object. Thus: {chay' 'e' luSov} "They know that, how?" or better "How do they know that?"


Correct. Resist the urge to think of 'e' as a conjunction. It's a pronoun, and always the object of the second sentence. The two independent clauses simply sit side by side without anything between them.

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