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How is your progress now?

How is your progress in Scotlish Gaelic tree especially those who started when the course came up live late November 2019?

And what about the new learners?

January 8, 2020



I started when it came out. Just about to finish the second level and move onto the third.

TOTALLY enjoying the course to but, like all languages, I need to do a truck load of revision. It is the only way I feel I can be fairly competent in a second language. I find by doing this revision I get a lot of 'a-ha' moments and these are what I feel strengthen my ability in the language and thusly allow me to get to a conversational level.

Hope that helps ...



Started more or less when it came out and finding it excellent. Close to the third tree now. I already had some Gaelic after four years of night classes, so by no means a beginner. Finding the constant repetition and hearing every word over and over extremely useful, and feeling more confident about conversational Gaelic, which was my previous weakness. Looking forward to the course being extended and developed further. Big thanks to those who have put in so much work to create it.


I started as soon as it left beta - mostly level threes in the first checkpoint, all level ones in the second. I do two practice sessions every day on the skills where I have all five levels, two to four more practice sessions using the generic practice button and then usually take another skill up one level.

I got tired of getting to hostels and not being able to have even a basic chat with most of the other guests so I'm also working on German, French and Spanish, and I spend about an hour and a half or two hours on language stuff throughout the day. Doing a little for each in the morning and again at night gives me better retention than just doing it once and if I have free time during the day (walking between meetings, for example) then I'll sneak in a quick practice.


I am really enjoying the course, more than I thought I would be. I went through quite a lot of levels when it was first released, but am in the midst of essays so am struggling for time.

However, I may have the exciting opportunity to move up to Scotland for studies later this year (currently in England) which has made my interest in learning the language even higher. Plus I am hoping being up there that there will be more resources available to me.


I started just before Christmas and have just gone on to level two. I need lots of repetition for it to sink in so keep going over past lessons to reinforce. I can read the gaelic really well but if I close my eyes and just listen my brain still isn't working fast enough but it's something to work on. Keep listening to Radio nan GĂ idheal and more words are coming through over time. Early days though.

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