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Harder exercises! please?

When matching word pairs and/or selecting word bricks I think it would be beneficial if the choices available would be harder and also in the multiple matching exercises, to not have the result right away.

here some examples:

if I am to translate "tomorrow I will go to the park" and the bricks available are (apart from the correct ones) "blue", "one" and "mother" it is just too easy. and feels dumb to go through it fifty times. if the distractors would be "today", "yesterday", "garden" and "drive" i might actually learn distinguishing the words I am likely to confuse.

same with the multiple pairing exercises: if i am to match five pairs, of which two I am not sure of, I (can't avoid to) choose the three I am sure of and have a 50/50 chance to remain with one sure hit in the end.

This makes it boring and repetitive, especially past the red level of a skill.

Just as a suggestion for future improvements

ADDED after reading first comments

  • yes, I am aware the current way may be easier for kids/starters. I was referring to enabling the difficulty of exercise to go up as one progresses (thus my comment about the red level)

  • translating in my mind first etc. - good point, but I have to say I am often not as disciplined as I would like to be (and not only on duo hahaha)

  • I don't mind the downvotes, the buttons are there for a reason and for everyone to use them the way they like. I do however prefer when people tell me why they think my post is not useful, of course.

January 8, 2020



Translate the sentence (in your mind) without looking at the word bank. When you are done translating, click in the answer.


Or turn off the word bank altogether to add spelling practice.


It is possible only on the web.


But you can access the web version from a phone browser too. I like the progression on the web version where the first rounds teach words with the easy choices, but the later rounds make you type entire sentences in the target language.


It's also possible on mobile, maybe not always on the first level though.


You can't do that with all exercises.


I turned off the word bank ages ago, and now I never get those 'word brick' things, so my experience is that it does work on all exercises. I've done it without the word bank for, I'd say, just over a year, and I don't get the 'word bricks'.


On iOS I get some exercises where it obviously knows I've disabled word bank because there's a text entry field and also a "use word bank" option that I can click. But I also get exercises with a word bank and no option to type instead. Maybe it differs with the operating system or the language.


Here's an example:

"no option to turn off word bank"


I would get this wrong every time


I do that to make it more challenging


Use the PC and turn off the word bank. Or use the website version on your tablet or phone instead of the app and do the same thing.


The same with French. I never know whether these exercise sections are so easy that it takes me just a few minutes to go through them, or I am really doing so well.





Just turn off the word bank (click Use Keyboard or whatever). Also are you using the method suggested by DL - spreading one skill out over several weeks - https://making.duolingo.com/whats-the-best-way-to-learn-with-duolingo


Vietnamese. I've never used the app for it, but compared to Spanish it is much harder despite having no verb conjugation, no word morphology, no grammatical gender, fixed SVO, no "to be" for adjectives, longest word is 7 letters. If you want hard, try Vietnamese. In 2 weeks it will drive you mad.


Yep, two weeks is enough!


I agree. I don't know whether I'm going about Duolingo wrong, but French just feels to easy. I don't feel like I've learned new things yet, and in total I've spent quite a bit of time on it.


You are only doing the level 1 exercises - there are 4 more levels per skill! Level 1 is all the really intro stuff. Re-do a skill after a few days/a week and take it to level 2. Then come back a week later and take it to level 3 etc.


I'm just wondering - why don't you switch it so that you have to write it yourself, instead of choosing a word brick? I agree - choosing the word bricks is just way, way too easy. That's why I never do it. There's an option, I'm forgetting right now what it's called, where you can switch from 'word bank' to...argh, I can't remember the name of the other option. But hopefully you know what I mean. When you switch from 'word bank' to the other option, you have to type the full answer yourself, with no words or hints given. It is so much better that way. Picking the bricks is just too easy; it's too easy to just recognize the word and then pick it....having to recall the words, and retrieve them, entirely from you own mind, is so much better. I honestly don't think I'd get anything out of just choosing the bricks. I get that it's handy for absolute beginners, etc., and if I were to start a brand-new language that I didn't know any words in, the bricks would be a really handy starting point, but for where I am in French, I have no use at all for the bricks, so I'm very happy they have the other option.


This is to but there are children on duolingo who would find this harder so that is probably why but I have an idea which probably won't happen

Maybe you could tell your age to duolingo and they will give you harder choices depending on your age? Probably a bad idea sorry.


Children are not stupid. They will rise to the challenge if you give it to them.


It's an excellent idea. Kids are often smarter than the grownups, but it is good to have many options for everyone.

PS. I see that at least two people have downvoted your comment. Don't feel bad, they are probably upset that they'd have to request the kindergarten difficulty level in order to pass the exercises.


Could try the clozeMaster.com , their free exercises are more advanced than Duolingo's. you can also have paid-for membership (something like $60/year). I don't know which language you are focused on, but I tried The free account in Russian and they were challenging enough for me. May be you like those too. Duo does a good job of teaching to the beginners, but clozeMaster is designed to follow were Duo finishes. Удачи вам! (Good luck!)


I agree with you. I want to work hard and learn. Sometimes work comes easy, but I want to be certain that I am LEARNING the material given. I want to learn and have fun doing it- but I also want to be sure I am actually comprehending what I am doing.

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