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Scottish Gaelic: Gear?

I am very excited to be learning Scottish Gaelic, and I hope the team is able to continue and expand the course. I would also love to support both the language and the Duolingo endeavour by purchasing gear. I realize this is likely a ways away, but I wanted to start the conversation. Who else here would support this? I also wish I could chat with you all in broken Scottish Gaelic!

January 8, 2020



Glad you are enjoying it, me too :) what do you mean by gear?


How about coffee mugs, refrigerator magnets with some of the more "original" phrases that Duolingo SG has shown us? Maybe t-shirts?


Hello! I hadn't thought of frids magnets! I would love a magnet. I may just make my own, now haha!


Hello : ) I guess, merchandise like shirts or mugs. I think this site has some with Spanish phrases, so that is more what I was thinking of.


hey ! these are great designs - good luck! I love the gratful dead take off.....


They're not my designs, by the way!

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