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When to use Boit vs. Bois. Also un and une. Thanks

6 years ago



boit and bois are the conjugated forms of the verb "boire" which means "to drink" The full conjugation is:

je bois

tu bois

il/elle/on boit

nous buvons

vous buvez

ils/elles boivent

Sidenote: le bois can also be a noun which means "wood" (the material) or "forest"

6 years ago


well un indicates male, une - female... All nouns must be learned with the articles otherwise it gets really tough.

6 years ago


You use "bois" when saying "I drink" or "You (informal) drink." Therefore "Je bois et tu bois." But "boit" is only for third person singular: He/She/It drinks: "Il/elle/on boit.

We have random spelling changes in conjugations in English too. We say "I speak" but "he speaks." It's the same concept here.

6 years ago


This helps!

5 years ago