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When to use Boit vs. Bois. Also un and une. Thanks

July 31, 2012



boit and bois are the conjugated forms of the verb "boire" which means "to drink" The full conjugation is:

je bois

tu bois

il/elle/on boit

nous buvons

vous buvez

ils/elles boivent

Sidenote: le bois can also be a noun which means "wood" (the material) or "forest"


well un indicates male, une - female... All nouns must be learned with the articles otherwise it gets really tough.


You use "bois" when saying "I drink" or "You (informal) drink." Therefore "Je bois et tu bois." But "boit" is only for third person singular: He/She/It drinks: "Il/elle/on boit.

We have random spelling changes in conjugations in English too. We say "I speak" but "he speaks." It's the same concept here.

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