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  5. "Tha iasg blasta."

"Tha iasg blasta."

Translation:Fish is tasty.

January 8, 2020



Somewhere I picked up that it's blasda with a "d" and now it's stuck in my head that way. Here and at the LearnGaelic dictionary it's with a "t". Is there a regional speaking difference or have I just completely made it up in my head that I've seen it with a "d"?


I put iasg as fish in a question before and it said wrong! It was water now it translates as fish ( which is what i thought it was in the first place) what is it fish or water?


Yeah, I've confused the two on occasion. Such similar spelling.


So if I write "tasty fish," it tells me I am wrong. It is " fish is tasty. " When I said "uisge-beatha math" was "whiskey is good," it told me it is "good whiskey" and I was wrong. I am confused.


The "tha" is the "to be" verb. That word is the necessary "is" in the phrase.


The adjective in Gaelic comes after the noun, so "uisge-beatha math" is "good whiskey" and "caora greanach" is "a grumpy sheep"

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