"Aon an-diugh."

Translation:One today.

January 8, 2020



This phrase doesn't make sense, at least not as a direct translation. Am I missing something?


Maybe it’s a reply. Like: “How many loaves of bread do you need?” “One today”


Oh! Yes, once I think about it in context like that, this totally makes sense!! Sgonneil. Moran taing! :)


Same question- maybe because I'm American bit I don't understand "one today"


Yeah, it's weird. My first thought was that it's trying to say something like "we only have one Today", some kind of inspirational thought, like "today only happens once so don't waste it". But it works be odd to say it this way unless it were a common cultural idiom, which I would think might have been in the notes.

So, yeah.... Strange

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