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50 days on Duolingo! I can't believe I lasted!

I wanted to be honest in this post. There have been a lot of language learning sites and resources that I have came across over the years. I was taking classes through the school board years ago and then with a language tutor at my house. Eventually, I started going to another program and that was where I really started to learn. Unfortunately, I had outgrown the age group for the classes and had totally stopped learning at all.

I had always heard of Duolingo but never had positive reviews on it when I would ask around. It was quite a time since I asked of Duolingo when I decided to try it out for myself. I honestly thought, if it's free, then why not just try it. So I signed up and started to explore. My specific interest was in Arabic and so that's where I started and lately I have taken up French.

Here's the thing, I thought I would have that first week of excitement before I would become unmotivated and just stop. This is what happened to me in the past with other online courses. Somehow, I keep finding myself coming back. Even when I was sick in the middle, I was still diligent to complete my daily goal. I hope I stay motivated and will continue to learn new languages.

Thanks to Duolingo, I finally might have a chance at learning a new language!

January 8, 2020



Well done. Have you seen this https://making.duolingo.com/whats-the-best-way-to-learn-with-duolingo ? It helps with long term retention.


Thank you so much! I will take a look at the article for sure!


Interesting article. Thanks for sharing Judit!


I had the opposite happen to me when I started. I thought it would be a chore, a lot of work. I came into it with a mindset that this is going to be dull, boring, difficult work. But I had a hankering to give it a try. I quickly realized that I was enjoying it very much, and was really happy to feel that way. I always tell people who ask that I get the same pleasure from Duolingo as someone would get from working a crossword puzzle or a soduku puzzle. Its a fun challenge. Like putting together a billion piece jigsaw puzzle.

Congrats on making it to 50....keep rolling with it!


Thank you for sharing your experience. I find everyone has a different story and it's always so fascinating. I kind of came in with the same mindset. I thought it would become a boring task to do every day, but it turned out to be fun. Thank you so much for your kind words!


Congrats on reaching 50, no doubt you'll hit 100 in no-time!


Exactly! 50 is the next big step to 100! (Ooohhhh we're halfway theere, woah-oh! Livin' on a prayer!) Woah sorry-- I had a bon jovi attack there....


I know! Everyone starts somewhere!


Felicidades¡ Kudos for your outstanding milestone!


Thank you very much!


Parabens, amigo!! It's great for motivating you, and it's great that you've kept at it for that long. Nearly 2 months! I started 19 days ago and haven't broken my streak, and I want to make sure that continues. I hope you continue having fun learning languages!


Thank you very much for your kind and motivational words. I hope the same to you!


Good for you! Good luck!


Enjoying it is the main thing. Enjoying it makes it easy :)

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