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  5. "I do not have grey hair."

"I do not have grey hair."

Translation:Chan eil falt liath orm.

January 8, 2020



Isn't liath light blue, and glas grey?


Liath is light blue, but also light / silvery grey (eg like an old person's hair), glas is dark grey (eg like the sky before a thunderstorm).


I just need to know why “chan eil falt liath agam” is wrong, please.


"agam" is to have it, "orm" is for it to be on you. Curious what Joanne and Ciaran say...my guess is that technically it's correct given the English but that "agam" would be more like holding grey hairs whereas "orm" differentiates that it is the hair on your body that is actually grey?


Once again, thank you for being so helpful on here!


Thank you very much, ceabhain. I must say that in respect to pronouns in Gàidhlig, I find them complex. Not necessary difficult, but complex certainly.


You're very welcome! We're all in this together ☺️ I agree, I questioned agam vs orm a hundred times before it finally clicked!

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