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The dictionary and training

I recall that some time ago we could look at all the words we have learned by that moment and also we could see the list of the words learned in this particular lesson. But now I cant find it anymore, why? And why cant we train the lessons we havent finished completely yet? Some lessons contain up to 10 parts. Its hard to learn them all in an instant, so we learn by small parts. But why can`t we train them until we finished ALL the parts? I mean, we are able to train each one, but why not all at once? It would be good if we could train the parts we have learned!

July 5, 2014

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The vocabulary section was removed about six months ago. It has recently been re-established as the Words section but as part of an AB test I.e. One half of users can see it and the other half cannot. Eventually it will be released to everyone (assuming that it is beneficial) or it could be withdrawn completely. Those of us who cannot see it yet will just have to wait and hope that testing will end soon.

Not sure I understand your other point. When beginning a skill, the lessons are incremental I.e. Later lessons rely on earlier lessons, so it would not make sense to allow you to jump around until you gave completed all lessons in sequence first.

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