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  5. "Come in, Flora."

"Come in, Flora."

Translation:Thig a-steach, a Fhlòraidh.

January 8, 2020



when do you use 'a' before a name? I know you do that following a question but when else?


From what I understand, any Time that you're speaking directly to someone, but only if their Name begins with a Consonant. As you said, you use it when asking a Question, but as in the Exercise, you use it when giving Commands, too. You would also use it when greeting someone, e.g. Hàlo, a Sheumas. Feasgar math, a Mhòrag.


That is correct. There are a couple of complexities, but they will introduce them later, and so I am not going to override them by introducing them now, except that I have to point out that it is a Sheumais. This sounds exactly like Hamish in English, which is in fact where Hamish comes from.

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