"It is windy."

Translation:Tha i gaothach.

January 8, 2020



It says i have typo when i entered "garbh" as windy


It was our typo! It's changed now, thanks!


why would you want it to accept "garbh" as "windy"?


It's from an historical mistake, where the original displayed-as-correct response was garbhb. Someone eventually pointed out "umm...gaothach?" and we all realised what we'd been talking about / the mistake we were all making.


Sorry mate, still marking garbh as incorrect (thinks it has an extra b at the end)


Hey bud! Just checked and the change has stuck. It normally takes anything from a day to a week for these changes to start appearing at the user end.


Good to know! I wasn't sure what the turn-around for users might be, I'll be a bit of a pessimist for an online service and give them the benefit of the doubt for things under four or five days now =)

Thanks for getting that sorted!!


These pronunciations are so hard! It reminds me a lot of French, with many letters being silent/making one sound combined.


If it helps, the writing system is far more regular than English. Gaelic spelling is highly regular and excellent at representing Gaelic sounds. Once you know it, it becomes a learners best friend. :)


It's the "once you know it" part that is hard. (Joke. I remember Scots speakers laughing uproariously at a Gaelic speaker who insisted that Gaelic is easy to spell because you just spell it exactly as it's said. Because the letter-combinations don't often make sounds that are intuitive to an English or even a Scots speaker, this seems ludicrous at first blush. But I understood what he meant - it's the same in German, and it's the singer's best friend.)


I thought 'garbh' was rough not windy? Can they be used for the same description?


... you are absolutely right. EVERYONE missed that. I even commented about it here because it originally had the accepted answer as garbhb facepalm

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