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  5. "A bheil dealanaich ann?"

"A bheil dealanaich ann?"

Translation:Is there lightning?

January 8, 2020



I am hearing i as well - two times it said I was wrong.


The vocal excerpt for this quite clearly says "a bheil i dealanaich ann"


I'm not sure I agree with this. It sounds fine to me.


Nope, sorry, the speaker is definitely saying "A bheil i.".. etc.


Definitely can hear an "i"


To me it just sounds like A bheil.....l ..... as in hanging onto the l sound a bit longer so that it pleasantly blends and rolls off the tongue with dealinaich ann


It sounds fine to me too.


I'm also very clearly hearing an 'i' in there.


Definite i in the vocals! Think about the statement - it would be tha i dealanaich ann; so the question should have the i there as well?


Don't think so, Cameron - the statement would be "tha dealanaich ann". Grammatically, I think the answer IS correct (though I am a beginner!), it's just I hear the "I" quite clearly.


You are completely correct Alan. When I re-checked my notes and references, I was wrong about the statement. Sorry. But I definitely heard it, like you and other posters!


definitely hear the i. perhaps this is something that exists in natural speech and is only confusing for the unrefined ear of language learners. I suppose i need to make note of it and keep my ears tuned :)


so from what I'm finding out..."epenthesis" is a quite common and normal part of natural speech. (please enlighten me if anyone has more knowledge on this) so basically ill try to accept it NOT as an error to be fixed but something that I need to learn about and understand as part of language/speech that is a valuable bit of knowledge to apply my learning


I came here specifically to see if others wearing hearing that "i", and a lot of us are.


Definitly an i


I hear the i, but I just assumed it was a regional sound thing...gives us practice using our knowledge of grammar to interpret more realistic-sounding gaelic.
Think about how someone would hear 'how is it going?' when pronounced in some areas. They'd think we were talking about pimples moving. 'Howzit going?' Personally, I like having the opportunity to hear a little bit of the potential variety. Just a little bit.


Initially I was thinking that there is an "i" inserted between "bheil" and "dealanaich." However, the more I listen to this particular speaker and the more Gaelic words I hear, I believe that what is happening is a process called anaptyxis or the insertion of vowel sounds in a word or between words to make them more easily pronounceable. The primary example of this in Gaelic is the pronunciation of the word "Alba" which, as we know, is pronounced Al-ah-pa. Another example is the word "garbh" pronounced gar-af. Although these are examples within words, I have been hearing this occur also between words. Some of this could be a regional dialect as well. Different speakers do pronounce the words differently. Just one of those things that makes Gaelic a charming language to learn.


Like the others, I clearly hear an "i" in this exmple. In addition, the inclusion of the "i" is present in other sentences in this lesson. Some follow-up by Duolingo is warranted to end the confusion. Tapadh leibh!


I am most definitely hearing an "i" too.


I, too, hear "i" before "dealanaich"

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I do hear the i also. But why is the i omitted in this instance??


So if I was asking the question, would it be wrong to say "A bheil i dealanaich ann?" ? It sounds like that is what the speaker is saying, and from what we've learnt in other lessons it is what I thought would be correct (using "i" in there).


Hey Sally, yes it would be wrong - even though that's what it sounds like the speaker is saying. General consensus here seems to be that she's just doing a little reflexive sound between the words, much like you hear in the middle of "falbh" or "dealbh". Though to my ears it's excessively overdone. doesn't look like the Duolingo masters read these discussions, so don't expect anything to get "fixed"!


Is "Is there lightning?" not equal to "Is there lightning now?"


Can t you remove this from the lesson?


Is anyone able to give me a phonetic spelling of "dealanaich" please? Tapadh leibh!


This is how I've written it down: "jallaneech" don't know if that helps??!


In Scotland (here in central belt anyway) we would say "Is there lightning" or "it is lightning"


OK, so I'm not the only one hearing it.

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