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An app which lets you find other speakers your minority languages

I'd like to reccomend that everybody who is using Duolingo Gaelic also downloads another free app called Amikumu.

It is a bit like Facebook in that you see other people's statuses etc - but only in the languages you choose to. For each language you say you know (at any level), you will be able to see a list of the other users, and how far away they are.

It's really good for finding people with the shared interest in a language. Especially if you're travelling, for example if a Gaelic speaker from the Isle of Lewis, found himself in London, he would be able to find other speakers, meet up and catch the craic.

It's really awesome, although i must admit that it was originally designed for Esperanto, and hasn't quite taken off yet for other languages - but we can change that!



January 8, 2020



I was unable to register. I used 8 characters for the password and accepted the terms, but it never progressed beyond the registration screen. I contacted them but haven't heard back.


Hey, sorry to hear that. Did you manage to get it sorted out?


I tried it on both my tablet and my phone, but neither one gets me past the registration screen. I have a feeling that the password requirements are more stringent than just 8 or more letters. I haven't heard back from the IT person. I guess I should try a stronger password and see if that works.


Nope. Tried a password with numbers, characters, and letters. Still no good.


They will probably get back after the weekend some point I think :) definetely some technical glitch rather than cheekiness :)

I know that they recently released a new version of this app - so it could possibly be related with this.


It was created by Richard Delamore and team - a rather famous modern Esperantists


Just signed up... same profile nsme as here ... tapadh leit a charaid!

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