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Wait you speak what...hablas...sprechen sie..you said you speak what? But you're native to what? No?

Multi linguals...here by choice...deepest, deepest respect to you all. I just tried to help who i thought was a German person learn English. It was a Spanish speaker trying to learn english from german and right now im really not sure about anything. Im getting everything mixed up.

Much love and respect to you language learners and teachers. No matter your native or targets.

January 9, 2020



George, it happens. I helped someone the other day with his Italian. However, he was in fact Italian asking about English. Ahi! (Ignore dvts tonight - they are out in force spurred on by yet another long thread of dv opinions. I have uvd here).


If I get downvoted, I want to get downvoted with you. We'll go down in a blaze of dvs


Linda...it's ok..much love no matter what..remain strong...it took me a long time to understand what you are saying. Linda I felt like you were being mean to me, I now realize so much more...please forgive me....I see the light now...


My native language is Portuguese from Brazil. I study almost all my languages from English, except German, I study it from Spanish.


Same thing here, Brazilian learning Chinese and Esperanto from English. Pelo menos ajuda a ficar ainda mais confiante no inglês.


Ah...yeah. I’ve tried to learn languages from other languages. Maybe I’ll try to get on some odd forum.


I saw French speakers getting some French lessons here from English speakers trying to learn French, so nothing surprises me.


Mon francais est tres mal. Ou je suis natif français personne qui parle? Je suis natif anglais personne qui parle. Ou je suis? (My french is very bad. Or am I a native English speaker? I am a native English speaker. Or am I?)

EDIT: It is very confusing I know (what is post is about and my post). Don't worry just help them and move on.


Oh my goodness I could never haha. I'm learning Korean from English, and considering the only language I'm fluent in is English it's basically impossible for me to try anything else haha. Yes, much respect to those who can learn a new language...from a language that they are not native in. They truly have studied hard and they are what I aim to be.


I didn't know that was something unusual. I myself am a native spanish speaker, but I managed to learn english by myself and that is the language I chose to take courses on Duolingo (mostly because I assumed there would be more courses available and that they would be more complete). However, I am planning on taking the same courses from my native language once I fully unlock them from english.

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