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"There are many orators in the temple."

Translation:Multi oratores sunt in templo.

January 9, 2020



We have been told that word order doesn't matter as much in Latin as it does in English. Yet my word order-- multi oratores in templo sunt -- was rejected. Can someone explain to me when word order makes a difference, and why?


I don't think there is anything wrong with that word order.

It is likely that it is just not yet an accepted answer (many likely get missed just due to the freer word order). I would suggest reporting that solution should it not be accepted the next time you get this (if it is still not accepted, just ensure everything in your answer is correct when you report it).


Exactly so.

Someone must have reported that translation (flag icon), since "Multi oratores in templo sunt" is now being accepted (31 May 2020).


thank you, Moopish!


I've made it this far, but I'm not entirely sure why it needs to be "templo" instead of "templum"


in with an ablative specifies a static location, no movement. They are located in the temple, hence the in templo.

in with an accusative specifies a movement into a location. If they were moving into the temple then in templum could be used. Multi oratores in templum eunt -> 'Many orators are going into the temple'.


Please: what's the difference between multos and multi?


Multi is nominative (i.e. used as a subject). E.g. Multi discipuli librum legunt. (Many students read the book)

Multos is accusative (i.e. used as an direct object). Discipulus multos libros legit (The student reads many books)


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