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Apply (again) to the Yiddish course.

Hello everyone,

If you speak Yiddish fluently, please apply to contribute. Sorry to ask this again, but we need additional support for this course. Please do not use Google Translate when applying; it's VERY obvious from the first few words/conjugations. Please show us that you have a full understanding of the case system and genders found in the Yiddish language, and please have a good grasp of the general grammar. You don't have to know every single word in Yiddish, but at least know the grammar and we can build off that. We got quite a few replies last time, but 99% were using Google Translate, don't do that. Thank you all.


The Yiddish Team


January 9, 2020



It's a shame people try applying using Google Translate. What good does it do, making you guys sort through so many stupid excuses of applications?

If someone does this in order to get the oh so glorious "Contributer" ring around their profile, why not invest in your current language learning to a point where you'd be able to contribute to a course teaching your native language to your target language's speakers?

And again, no foolish attempts because that makes it harder for the volunteers.

GL! :D


If they apply using Google Translate, excuse me, but they are stupid. As it will be really easy to see. They only autoban their account the day they'll want to be a contributor for a course, it will be rejected! Ahah!

Don't worry, it doesn't make harder for the people who really speak Yiddish, it only consume a precious time for mods, and make an autoban.


When will the Yiddish course be up at this rate?


We’re still planning out how many skills the first tree should have. We’re trying to flesh out the accepted translations now instead of once it being released. We’re also adding new words to empty skills. The course has many words per skill, which might frustrate some learners, but that’s one reason why we’re not going to have a vast amount of skills.


I know that my grandmother was an Ashkenazic Jew. If she was alive, I would ask her for help. Thank you guys for your Yiddish project.


But she would have to be the contributor, if you only get her help, you couldn't.


I applied multiple times, but never got an answer. Are you really looking for contributors? איך קען גוט אלע כללים פון די\דער\דעם\דאס.


Yes, we are. We have accepted four people so far, one didn't respond at all after having been accepted. One is helping us immensely. The last two are helping us with creating the course (they have constructed other courses, so they know how Duolingo works better than I do). Maybe your application was really short or had mistakes other than grammar. Also, I don't see your application, so would you mind reapplying? I'm sorry if you have had a bad experience with us. We're trying to be as open as possible for the course.


איך האָב אים געלאָזט וויסן אַז ער זאָל דיך צולייגן צום yiddish - english סלאַק, אָבער ער האָט נאָך נישט געזען מײַן אָנזאָג. ביטע וואַרט נאָך אַ ביסל, אוקיי? אַנטשולדיקס פאַרן באַלאַגאַן מיטן קורס. איך וועל דיר אַלעס מסבר זײַן ווען ער לייגט דיך צו צום קורס.


what flag will represent this course????


This was discussed in another recent thread (as well as older ones). I think they're deciding among various options, including a menorah.


I believe there is a way to make a Google Form where you can't leave the tab (meaning google translate just got much more tedious to do unless you have to patience to type everything and translating on a phone or something instead). Hopefully that information will help you guys in purging fake contributors more easily. I would know this because my classes do this when we do tests on Forms, although I have never done this so I don't know how to do it myself.


Surely That Can't Work, What If I Have Two Monitors? It Just Locks My Mouse On The One? Surely I Could Just Do Alt+Tab To Get To Something Else.

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