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Does writing the words down help?

So every new word I learn, I write down in its category, and I'd like to know if anyone else does this, or if it helps at all?

January 9, 2020



Yes, writing makes one memorize the words better. I write w/ a fountain pen to improve my handwriting (both in English and Russian) as well. I write all the Duo exercises in notebooks. Takes more time, but I feel it is worth it. You can also review the lessons if they are written down. Reviewing helps to memorize as well.


Bart Simpson does it on a chalkboard and it seems to work. "I will not instigate revolution." So far, Bart has not been an instigator of revolution.

Seriously, repetition of every kind seems to help learning. "Spaced repetition" is a Duolingo mantra.


You missed some episodes!


Definitely helps and is a quick reference guide of your own making. Happy learning!


It does help. I believe physically writing with a pen or pencil is best, but typing also helps. Doing both is even better.

With lectures, for example, I found that typing up my hastily scrawled notes into an ordered form later in the day (before I forgot what they meant) served very well.


Physically writing the words help. When something won't stick with just flashcards, I write the word out several times while sounding it out. I also (sometimes) make up sentences with vocab words.

In addition to vocab, it also helps to summarize the grammar in your own words (but make sure it is still accurate!).


It does help. Writing words down several times helps even more. And writing sentences down with the new word in them several times helps even more than that. Every time you write something down in this way, say aloud what you're writing, or at least say it to yourself.

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