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Duolingo Fan Site Privacy Page

Hello, a fellow language learner on Duolingo asked about privacy regarding an unofficial fan site. Please see the site's Blog entries for 26.04.2019 and 16.04.2018, explaining that Duolingo is aware of the site, which is valued by many learners here.

The site also explains it is working with the Duolingo Team regarding GDPR privacy, and here is where that is discussed, along with information on blocking your .eu page:


January 9, 2020



it seems like a very informative site, thanks for sharing :)


You are very welcome! It is a very informative site developed by someone else that I use myself and to help others who asked why they lost their streaks. There is a blog on the site which explains how the site has evolved.

But recently someone asked that their information be removed from it, and this post was my only way to try to reach them, after their original comment was deleted.

Individual learners here used to let other people to add comments to a post about their streaks, and then the poster would manually add them to a Hall of Fame collection post.

Then this fan site was developed from publicly-available data to beautifully display many Hall of Fame possibilities (streaks, Experience Points (XP), Level 25's, "Thousandaires" earners of lingots, vocabulary words, and Golden Owls, showing most completed language courses). The list of "Alumni" rewards people who lost a big streak but are starting one again.

Level 25 (the original maximum) refers to an older, popular system of leveling up by number of Experience Points achieved; it is still displayed by one's flags in the Discussion comments on the website, and it used to take longer to achieve before Duolingo added the crown overlay, stories, and Tinycards.

More importantly, each Duolingo learner (if the information is not blocked) can access two personalized kinds of pages:

https://duome.eu/UserName Insert your own UserName into this format to find your link. Press the "raw" data button to see the dates and times that your Experience Points were recorded.

Here, you will also see the general age of your account, your daily XP goal, a list of all your language courses with the numbers of crowns earned and of Vocabulary words you've seen in each.

Then, you can click at the top right of the page, when it says Learning X Language (underlined for clicking) from Y Language. That gets you to here:


Now you can see on the left side of the page: the name of every Skill in that language course, your crown level for every Skill, and exactly how many lessons you have left to complete at that crown level.

It shows your Strength (25, 50, 75 or 100 percent) in each skill. Some Learners have Skills that will not strengthen to 100 percent, no matter how long they practice. That is a long-standing Duolingo issue that the fan site can't control.

If you see red font lettering after your Strength percent, which says something like "+3 Lessons", then your course has been updated, and there are new sentences in that Skill waiting for you to see.

You can click on the Practice (exercise weight) icon or the Test-Out (key) icon at the right side of the page. If there is a Lightbulb icon to their immediate left, than you can click on that to see the Grammar notes for that skill.

To see a progress page for another language you are studying here, switch to a different language Learn Page in Duolingo, then go back to Duome. Whichever Learn page is the currently-selected one in Duolingo will control which Duome progress page will show up for you (or other people) when they look here.

Anyone interested in languages can click here: https://duome.eu/tips

This will give you access to every Grammar Note (original website version -- no cartoons, no audio) written in your native language about other languages here. You can study these for an overview before you decide to start a course, or while you are learning already.

If you are concerned about Privacy, please see this Duolingo article about Privacy and data collection controls with additional, useful interior links for Duolingo, Google and Facebook:


Also, be sure not to include too much information (including your location, workplace, or age) in your personal Profile page on Duolingo or in your comments.


bedankt dat je zo voorzichtig bent met privacy. dank je wel.


"thank you for being so careful with privacy. thank you." You are very welcome!


I don't really understand...


Read it again, language learning is all about repetition.

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