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  5. "I like sleeping a lot."

"I like sleeping a lot."

Translation:أُحِبّ اَلْنَّوْم كَثيراً.

January 9, 2020



Would there be any distinction between a sentence in which /kathiiran/ qualifies "sleeping" as opposed to "I like"?

I.e. we interpret this and similar sentences as meaning something like "I really love sleeping," but could it also mean something like, "I like getting a lot of sleep"?


"Katheran" is indefinite, it only describes an indefinite word, since "Alnawm" is definite, then it really is not a descriptive of it. If you want them as so, they both have to have the same case...
Uhib Alnawm Alkatheer أحب النوم الكثير
And for the sake of argument you can also say: أحب نوما كثيرا (though it really makes no logical sense, but hey, you never know)


Thank you, that's a really helpful explanation.

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