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Arabic course over?

Hello, It's my first time studying seriously with Duolingo. I'm taking the Arabic (from English) course. I have passed the 3rd checkpoint and completed all lessons up to level 5. Now I see a "podium with a smiling Duo". Does it mean I have taken all the lessons and the course is over? Or should I do something to unlock other lessons? If I have taken all lessons, does anyone know if/when other lessons will be published? Sorry for my beginner question :) Thank you Cécile

January 9, 2020



Yes, you've finished the course. The Arabic tree is short because it is still very new--it just came out 6 months ago. No one knows when more material will be added, but it may not be for awhile.

In the meantime, you can search the forum and you will find plenty of posts with info and links to other Arabic resources outside of Duolingo. You could also try doing the reverse tree (Ar-->En), but it's a bit more difficult than the En-->Ar tree, which is why I wouldn't recommend trying it right away, unless you have studied Arabic previously and/or have someone to help you.


Ok, thank you for your answer!

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