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Ask an Arabic native speaker .

If you have any questions for me a native speaker comment it here and i'll be happy to answer.

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January 9, 2020



i wanna learn arabic language iraqi dialect.... how to find this? do u know?


if you already speak Arabic just goolge iraqi accent in Arabic and you'll find results. but if you don't .a dialect in the Arabic language as you have found out it's hard to find content that's because we only use dialects when we speak and don't give it much importance. here's a video of someone who didnt speak arabic but learned the iraqi accent. https://youtu.be/giEFe6FpcEU


Hi Rania check out a book called Modern Iraqi Arabic by Yasin M Alkalesi.


how do you say your mom in arabic


what Arabic does Duolingo use? Will my Syrian friends understand me?


so Duolingo teaches formal arabic (fos ha) and ya every arab understands it


Hi khaled; I have some doubts about duoling prononciations. (ka # qa; ha # Ha; ja) I would like to know your opinion on it. thanks.


Hello Idris, could you elaborate more on you question. and please refer to the Arabic letter by symbol.


ok so ك sounds exactly like K in English , ق is a strong (qa) sound comes from the back of the throat . the ه in words like هجين the first letter of this word sounds like Ha from the word Harry the ح I can't find a way to explain it in latin alphabet cause this sound doesn't exist in English so you need to watch vids of people pronouncing it to try and get it . and lastly ج sounds exactly like the letter (J) in English it can come in many forms depending on the accent on top of it making it sound like ja from words like jack or je from the word ( jees) or jo like (jordan).


Hi! I was wondering if you could recommend any apps or websites for learning Arabic. I've heard that Duolingo isn't that great when it comes to knowing things to say in real life and dialects. Thank you! =)


Hey I mentioned some apps that are more conversation based in my comment at the end of this thread: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35670729


This is a grammar question. How would you say “a man’s hands” how would you say that “man’s” when your talking about possession of something رجول would you add a noon at then end or something or a damma


to add possession to ( man's ) a man you would say (رجل) which would stay unchanged but instead you'll change the other word يد if it's singular in this case you'll add a damma but in plural as in your example you would say أيادي all i did was turn it to plural , which is also unchanged so we deduce that to give possession in Arabic you don't need to change much but maybe damma sometimes in singular unlike in English you add an s

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