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Duo Lingo is great , is there any possibility for Croatian or Serbian Language

Good Day,

the way that i can learn on duo lingo is amazing ,

i really would like to know if there is some possibility to add Serbian or Croatian language also ?

Thanks in advance

January 9, 2020



I'd be extremely surprised if the situation with Serbian is any different than Bulgarian: dozens of willing contributors and a deaf ear from Duoklingo.


The following links offer answers:

Do you know any of the languages, or know someone who does and could be a course contributor?


Hi, I would love to contribute to that course. I have been rooting for it all this time lol



If you know the language apply to be a contributer.


Glenn :) Both of these languages are on the "Languages Wanted" list. :) So, when they decide to add it they will ask for contributors. :)


Probably what's taking them so long is the complex relationship between how those languages are defined and regional politics. In the past Serbian and Croatian were considered slightly different standards of a single Serbo-Croatian language that encompassed Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro, but post-Yugoslavia each country asserts that what was called a dialect is actually a distinct language. So having separate Serbian and Croatian courses would be about 90% redundant (except for Serbian Cyrillic), whereas putting them in a single course and treating them as dialects would likely anger natives, even though that'd be the simpler option for getting support to develop a course


I think that Duolingo should offer one more widely spoken language as a course since it makes more sense than making 3 very similar ones

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