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Fun Language Learning Site


I know there is a lot of 'helpful language learning site' posts out there, but from the ones I have clicked, I haven't seen this site. It teaches you different words in the language you want to learn through games like bingo and hangman. There's a lot of languages (21) available on there, so maybe try it out if you just want to know what a certain word is...

January 9, 2020



There is so much available online for someone who wants to learn a new language. I remember when the only way was to sign up to a class with a teacher who was not a native speaker. All our pronunciations were wrong! It has never been this easy to learn.


remember cassette tapes? no access to native speakers .. those were the days


That's actually a nice bit of variety, playing hangman in Polish. Thanks for the link.

Be aware though, people, that it's not a secure site, so just keep it simple and don't enter any info anywhere apart from playing the games etc. :)


That is just because the site has not been updated for many years


Ciao Emmeline. Yes, it's excellent, I do the Italian crossword every day and am learning lots of ways to use a specific word. It really is great fun with lots of variations. Thanks for the post, happy learning!


Thank you for posting. I didn't know about the site, but I think the daily words are going to be very helpful



Will use later.

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