"One dog."

Translation:Aon chù.

January 9, 2020



What is the significance of the letter h in chù as apposed to cù? Does it have something to do with formal vs informal use? How does this work? Thanks!


It's called "lenition" and it's because of the relationship between aon and cu (sorry, no accents on this keyboard :(). "aon" and "da" (that a should have an accent) both cause lenition, meaning "cu" will become "chu" if you say "aon chu" or "da chu" (da -> two).

It's a more complex subject than I can talk about and it happens at lots of times, there's a lot of good info here: https://www.duome.eu/tips/en/gd

And here: https://learngaelic.scot/grammar_hacks/lenition.jsp

Good luck!!

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