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Achievements scores

I have different achievements scores on my Android app from what is listed on the Web browser version. Android scores are for Wildfire, Sage, Scholar, Champion, Sharpshooter, Conqueror Winner Legendary, Friendly, Weekend Warrior, Photogenic. On Web there are fewer listed - Wildfire, Champion, Friendly, Over achiever, Big Spender, Overtime and Sharpshooter. Some Android achievements eg Sharpshooter have higher scores than on Web. Lingots, Streak, and Crowns are the same on both. By the way what do you do with Crowns?

Any thoughts?

Thans J

January 9, 2020



Hey, this is probably a question for the Duolingo forum. :)


Thanks. I realise that now and think I have found the right place now. Not easy.

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