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  5. "Mòran taing, Alasdair!"

"Mòran taing, Alasdair!"

Translation:Many thanks, Alasdair!

January 9, 2020



Surely, "Mòran taing, Alasdair!" could also be translated as "Thanks very much, Alexander!"


I agree with you Mairead, I too believe that the answer 'Thanks very much' should be accepted. I reported that too. And I was delighted to read your comment in here, to see that somebody else agreed with me!


This is not the correct place to report missing translations. Please use the report flag.


Except really I expect that this is more like "thanks much". There is no "very" (glè), and I suspect that "very much" would be translated differently.

Perhaps "Thanks a lot" would be the better translation?


This sentence doesn't use glè so "very" wouldn't be included. It also seems as if the try to keep as close to a direct translation as possible while still trying to make it understandable to English speakers, and also keep their phrases true to how they speak (kind of like how slàinte actually translates to "health" but is used the way we use cheers).


My questions/replies dont seem to be saved. Would appreciate a response from anyone who sees this. I dont think that I have misbehaved. Recently, anyway. 8~)


It does this to me also. If i leave A comment using the android app, some times it works normally but other times after I hit the send button it just disappears and looks like nothing saved.
BUT, I've found that these messages do save, I just can't see them with the app. I don't know why (i was thinking it might be because my data is being throttled, since that's when it happens most, but I'm not sure about that). But I do know that when I go to the forum using my (Chrome) browser then I can see them just fine.

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