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  5. "Is tusa mo bhràthair."

"Is tusa mo bhràthair."

Translation:You are my brother.

January 9, 2020



Does "tha thu mo bhràthair" correct too ?


No, you cannot use tha to say what or who someone or something is. Tha is only used to say what it is like, and where, how, when it is. You use tha to describe things and people (and give their whereabouts) and is to classify (define) and identify them. Thus:

  • tha thu mòr you are big – describes what you are like
  • tha thu gu math you are well – describes how you are
  • tha thu ann am pàirc you are in a parkwhere you are
  • tha thu ri Màiri you are with Marywith whom you are


  • is tusa mo bhràthair you are my brotherwho you are
  • is cù e or is e cù a th’ ann it is a dogwhat it is

In general, if the predicate (the thing after is) is a noun phrase (like my brother, a dog, the man who did it, etc.), you must use the copula is. If it is not a noun but a prepositional phrase (in a park, on the table, before midnight, with me…) or an adjective (big, nice, cold…) or an adverb (well, there…) you would use tha (I think sometimes in those cases is is also possible, especially in a few set phrases and poetic language, but not in regular conversational language).

See also other discussions on this: "Tha sin dona" and Introduction question.


clear explanation, thank you :)


Very good explanation. Thanks!


You have explained this difference better than anything I've come across so far. That's really clear. Thank you.


Thank you very much for the explanation, I had wondered about this for a while


Fantastic! Now i can explain soap opera plots in Gaelic.

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