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"Tha an Gearasdan a' cluiche ball-coise an-dràsta fhèin."

Translation:Fort William are playing football right now.

January 9, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Doesn't "Gearasdan" literally mean "Garrison"?


    that´s where the "Fort" might come in.


    Is there a reason for the fhèin at the end? Would the sentence work the same without it?


    I think that one could but it is emphasizing the just now. As opposed to saying that they are playing football now, they are playing RIGHT now. I thought about it in the context of if I'm telling someone ''Did you know that they are playing now?'' or a time where I would be a bit more emphatic as if I was my friend had missed the starting time, ''They're playing right now!''


    I'm wondering why the translation isn't "Fort William is..." A team is singular even with many players.


    Any tips on remembering long phrases like this

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