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"Is IRN BRU good for you? I do not care."

Translation:A bheil IRN BRU math dhut? Tha mi coma.

January 9, 2020



"Tha mi coma," as taught here is different from the old way, "Is coma leam". When did the change take place - Iv'e noticed that toil and feàrr have retained their old pattern. What about "còir" (bu chòir dhomh - I should), àbhaist (is àbhaist dhomh - I usually). etc.


Hey, it's a different construction but both are usable and correct.


Thank you. I like knowing things like this because, while I understand that changes happen in all languages, I like to know the extent of the changes in Gaelic so that I can extrapolate them into a larger context.

The next time I come over, I'll want to recertify my Proficiency cards from An Comunn Gàidhealach na h-Alba (bronze and silver) which I earned in the '90s, and may take a run at the gold. Please bear with me.

Thanks again.


No problem at all, Kent. Wish you the very best of luck with your cards!

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